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Forward Thinking. Fast Moving. Laser Focused. Extremely Passionate! Our small but formidable team expertly manages web solutions for a handful of select partners who are highly focused on success online.

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Who we are

We are a diverse and passionate group of web development professionals. Our team members have a variety of skills including project management, UX design and prototyping, as well as coding, development, and API integration. We are located across the globe working in a virtual office environment managed at a private work space based in beautiful Tamarindo, Costa Rica.

Dusty Hale

Project Director
and Senior Application Developer

Saurabh Misra

Project Manager
and Senior Application Developer

Balwinder Singh

Project Manager
and Senior Application Developer

What we do

We provide the expertise and skills needed to plan, design, develop, and maintain websites and web based applications by modern standards. We provide a core set of services, skills, and modern digital tools designed to accomplish the goals of a high performance web development project. It begins long before a single line of code is ever written, by using modern planning and prototyping methods. This approach sets the stage for well planned and efficient full stack frontend and backend application design, development, and support.

Project Management

We use 20+ years of web development experience and modern web based tools like Basecamp, InVisionApp, and Tsheets to deliver a simple yet highly effective and efficient project management experience.

Prototype Design

We use cloud based design tools via the Adobe Creative Cloud platform along with modern web application prototype tools like InVisionApp to quickly build a to scale clickable screen prototype. We can design a prototype quickly in a few hours without writing a single line of code. These prototypes are easy to revise and change and provide a low cost way of being able to see how the end result will look and feel before any real development work begins thus saving time and cost.

Front End Development

When the prototype is fine tuned to perfection, it’s time to move into development. Our senior level developers use coding skills in HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript for a process known as PSD to HTML. The result is a functioning replica of the prototype on either a custom coded site or a selected CMS and/or eCommerce platform such as WordPress or Shopify.

Back End Development

With the frontend development in place, we extend and develop dynamic database and API powered features and functionality that elegantly integrate into the site and/or application. The result is a back end system that integrates with the company’s systems and normal business processes.

Automated Marketing

We work with digital marketers to create intelligent automated followup marketing including rich html emails, SMS texts, and web push notifications. We also do all of the coding and testing required for Google Analytics 4 reporting integrations.

How we do it

The Project Execution Solution for Professional Website and Application Development is a very detailed and involved 10-step process designed to maximize the success of a project. The project is assigned to a TEAM rather than just one person. The team consists of a project manager, a UX Designer, and at least one or more web programmer/coder and a field expert from the client side. Each step or phase in the process is handled by a specific team member with the required skill(s) and is designed to accomplish specific requirements that are needed to proceed to the next phase toward completion. The following steps summarize the entire 10-step process of our solution.



We Plan

We start by discovering. We listen and we learn. We define the project goals, the expectations, and we define the project’s success from the start and aim to meet or exceed that mark. We document our plan and utilize project management tools like Basecamp and Tsheets. Before we start designing or coding anything, we spend the time needed to collect the assets and requirements of the project. Finally we organize all of these elements into a cloud based work space and basecamp with all information, action items, and project assets online and accessible to the team members involved with the project.



We Execute

With a proper plan, our team has all of the information and assets needed to execute the development plan. Our dev team can create process flow charts and our UX designer will create visual wireframes and visual prototypes to demonstrate the look and feel of the end product or solution. With design approval of a prototype our developers can code, configure, and/or integrate design and process on a variety of systems and environments.



We Deliver

Prior to delivery every solution is put through rigorous quality assurance testing as well as user acceptance testing. Upon deployment we act as a partner and provide full support, training, and maintenance to ensure the project’s success.

Our Work

Since beginning our journey as a web development and digital agency over 15 years ago, we’ve done remote work for other top agencies and have consulted and worked on web development projects with 7 figure budgets as well as helped startups get off the ground. We’ve collaborated with talented developers, designers, and digital marketers to create digital products for both business and consumer use. We are quietly confident, naturally curious, and perpetually working on improving our chops one development problem at a time. Our work speaks for itself through our clients’ successes and level of satisfaction.

Xytex Cryo International

We developed and maintain a high traffic public facing website that is integrated with the company’s internal data and business logic to deliver a custom eCommerce experience that no other software or boxed eCommerce systems would support. The site provides a platform for patients going through artificial insemination to select a potential anonymous sperm donor and purchase sperm units to be delivered to their physician’s facility. The site is integrated with a custom developed feature robust administrative dashboard that allows their office staff to maintain the donor catalog and manage orders. is a leading supplier of sperm. They are a trusted supplier of Xytex, a national sperm bank with over 45 years of experience. The sperm donors they recruit make a difference by helping families in need while getting reimbursed up to $1,400 per month. developed the public site and the intelligent online donor application process that allows donors go through the onboarding process from the comfort of their own smartphone or computer.

Custom DocuSign Integrations

We leverage the efficiency and power of the DocuSign API to seamlessly integrate with with custom web applications.

Mark Riddick Productions

Mark Riddick is a multi-award winning songwriter and producer whose songs have been broadcast live to over 200 countries. His artists have appeared on shows The Voice and American Idol. He’s had placements on tv/film, as well as viral hits on Youtube and social media and hits on mainstream radio. Mark’s illustrious career spans collaborations with industry legends and powerhouse entities like ABC, Fox, Universal, Sony, EMI, and Miramax Pictures/Modern Music. From Verne Gosdin to Nick Lachey, his diverse portfolio reflects a boundless love for music, transcending boundaries of genre and medium.

Custom Coded Email UX

We bring the brand to life and increase conversions and profit through intelligent multi-channel automation including emails, sms, and push notifications.


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