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Xytex Tissue Storage WordPress Website

HALE.GROUP has been helping Xytex Cryo International for over ten years to power one of the world’s leading online cryobank websites and suite of web based applications. Over 10+ years we have developed numerous custom websites with custom features tailored to Xytex’s client needs as well as administrative dashboards and applications. We have also worked with Xytex to develop xyMobile, a mobile app for IOS and Android-based devices, as well as the Cryobank industry’s first custom social application that allows donors, patients, and offspring to connect in secure and moderated environment.



Xytex had a series of very old static brochure websites that were created in the early ages of HTML and web design. One of these sites was the Xytex Tissues website, a Xytex website devoted to providing services to cryogenically storing umbilical cord blood that can be used in stem-cell transplants that treat numerous diseases. Xytex had also gone through a complete rebranding and business identity change. The challenge Xytex faced was the need to have the site redesigned with the new branding and also updated for the modern mobile-ready web. Another challenge was the short timeline and small budget. Since the website was mostly a basic informational website with no need for special features, Xytex did not want to devote a large amount of time or budget to the project. The request was for a fast cheap site to meet all the new guidelines for their new brand and look. The end goal was simply to have a small basic informational website with a clean and professional visual presentation of the information all set within the guidelines of the Xytex brand style guide.



WordPress to the rescue! Projects on short timelines and small budgets can be handled with elegance using the ever popular open-source and free platform known only as WordPress. HALE.GROUP quickly implemented a process to achieve the goals of the project. We collected all of the usable information and assets from the previous site, along with the style guide and assets from the new Xytex brand and business identity, and used these assets to quickly build a rough draft WordPress website in a matter of several days. From there we worked the Xytex Marketing Team’s feedback to make the site’s theme meet all of the guidelines of the newly designed brand and business identity. The end result was an attractive and clean site that matches their new brand all done on a fast timeline and within a low budget.


Technologies Used

Basecamp for project management, PhotoShop for visual examples, WordPress for actual Development, Divi by Elegant Themes for the WordPress theme.