Xytex Projects

Xytex API

HALE.GROUP has been helping Xytex Cryo International for over ten years to power one of the world’s leading online cryobank websites and suite of web based applications. Over 10+ years, we have developed numerous custom websites with custom features tailored to Xytex’s client needs as well as administrative dashboards and applications. We also worked with Xytex to develop xyMobile, a mobile app for IOS and Android-based devices, as well as the Cryobank industry’s first custom social application that allows donors, patients, and offspring to connect and share in a secure and moderated environment.


Xytex Management is very fond of the ever-popular WordPress platform for its robust out of box content management features that allow non-technical staff to manage content without developer assistance. There was strong desire to move to using WordPress for the main Xytex website. The problem is that WordPress is built with all open-source technologies like PHP and MySQL and is more designed to run in a Linux server environment yet all of Xytex’s back-end systems and data use Microsoft technologies and run on Windows-based servers. Also, the Xytex culture itself is very much a Microsoft culture with all staff using PCs and Microsoft Office products. To re-architect Xytex’s back-end systems and database on open source technology would be an extreme undertaking requiring a year or more of effort, time, and money, and simply was not an ideal option. We challenged ourselves with creating a hybrid solution. The solution had to allow Xytex to have an open-source front end via WordPress, PHP, and MySQL, for managing general website content. The solution also had to leave all back-end systems and databases in place which utilize Microsoft flavors like .NET and SQL Server, to serve as the provider of Xytex data and custom business logic and processes.


We used Xytex’s existing back-end system platforms to create a REST API Solution that allows the Xytex WordPress website or any 3rd party application to securely access Xytex’s back-end systems and provide seamless integrations. We achieved this by utilizing Xytex’s existing SQL Server instances to gain access to all of Xytex’s data including their lab data as well. We also utilized their existing application server which was running Adobe’s ColdFusion application server. We were able to literally reuse much of their existing applications’ code base to create an API layer that would not only serve as the back-end for the Xytex WordPress website but also for any future application or website be it an internal or 3rd party layer.

Technologies Used

Microsoft SQL Server, Adobe ColdFusion, JavaScript, Charts.js, Authorize.net Payment Gateway API (for payment processing), SmugMug.com API (for donor photo management), Basecamp for Project Management