Project: xyMobile

A Mobile Donor Search for Xytex Cryo International

HALE.GROUP has been helping Xytex Cryo International for over ten years to power one of the world’s leading online cryobank websites and suite of web based applications. Over 10+ years we have developed numerous custom websites with custom features tailored to Xytex’s client needs as well as administrative dashboards and applications. We have also worked with Xytex to develop xyMobile, a mobile app for IOS and Android-based devices, as well as the Cryobank industry’s first custom social application that allows donor, patients, and offspring to connect in secure and moderated environment.



Xytex is one of the world’s industry leaders of the cryobank industry. It came as no surprise that Xytex wanted to be the first in the industry to produce a mobile app for IOS and Android-based mobile devices to serve its patient clients on the go. One of the largest concerns initially was which OS to support first (IOS or Android) and how to handle the development of apps for both IOS and Android without having to develop and maintain two independent apps for two different platforms. The end goal was to create and deliver an app that would allow Xytex’s patient users to connect to Xytex systems for searching and selecting potential matching donors. The other end goal was to develop and maintain only one single application source code base that could deploy to both IOS and Android.



HALE.GROUP worked with Xytex to perform a statistical analysis to determine which device types their patient users use the most. Based on the analysis we selected a mobile application development tool made by Adobe systems known as PhoneGap. This tool allows us to develop a native mobile application using the coding languages we already use for standard website development such as HTML5 and JavaScript. We also used a special JavaScript library call jQueryMobile. Using this tool and standard web responsive techniques, we created a clean and elegant mobile friendly interface that utilizes the Xytex API connecting the app to Xytex’s back-end SQL Server databases and other systems. The Adobe PhoneGap tool allows us to then use the developed web application, to compile a native app to all the major mobile OS flavors (IOS, Android, and more).


Technologies Used

Basecamp for project management, PhotoShop for visual comping, InvisionApp for functional prototyping, HTML5 and JavaScript for front end development, MS SQL Server database for data storage, ColdFusion server-side coding for the back end processing.