Xytex Projects: xyConnects

Safely Connecting Patients, Donors, and Siblings

HALE.GROUP has been helping Xytex Cryo International for over ten years to power one of the world’s leading online cryobank websites and suite of web based applications. Over 10+ years, we have developed numerous custom websites with custom features tailored to Xytex’s client needs as well as administrative dashboards and applications. We also worked with Xytex to develop xyMobile, a mobile app for IOS and Android-based devices, as well as the Cryobank industry’s first custom social application that allows donors, patients, and offspring to connect and share in a secure and moderated environment.


The industry itself and the donor-conceived internet audience that the Cryobank industry has helped to create began to demand a way of connecting patients and donor-conceived offspring and often times the donor himself to form private donor-conceived networks that allow patients, offspring, and anonymous donors to connect and share safely and securely. The challenge was to use technology to manage and automate the processes to connect and share while still protecting everyone’s privacy and ultimately the donor’s anonymous identity while still allowing the donor to participate and share.


HALE.GROUP worked with Xytex’s ideas to extend Xytex’s website user experience and create what is now said to be one of the most innovative applications ever developed for the modern online cryobank industry. The application we developed allows Xytex patients, donors, and related offspring to connect and share experiences in a moderated online environment while completely protecting the Donor’s identity and still allowing the Donor to interact within the experience. The application now also features a robust set of API services that allow other applications and websites to utilize the platform.

Technologies Used

Through the course of the project, we used PhotoShop and InvisionApp to create screenshot prototypes of the proposed application’s user experience until a final design was approved. The final application was developed with custom coded HTML5, the BootStrap JavaScript library for mobile readiness, and a back-end that seamlessly integrates into Xytex’s existing SQL Server database instance, storing all the data seamlessly within the back-end systems that Xytex already uses.